Travel For Stag Parties - How to Get Cheap Rail Tickets

Travel for stag parties Travelling by train can become an expensive business if you don't know the best places to search out for that bargain.

Last year train fares were simplified to group the confusing advance ticket system to group them under one, more straightforward, umbrella. National Rail replaced the 'Apex' and 'Leisure Advance' fares with the 'Advance' ticket.

Consumers can now go directly to the rail provider, to National Rail or via a third party website such as Trainline or RailEasy to book their tickets. We've put together a guide to help get the cheapest deal possible.


The National Rail website is a good place to start; you can scour for fares and timetables in advance. They will then direct you to the cheapest rail service provider or website for your fare.

However, before you book you should check the promotional offer section of the rail service provider's website that you will be travelling with. Virgin trains sometimes offer super-cheap mid-week single tickets from £1 and Cross Country Rail is currently offering up to 75% off. powers both its own site and many other commercial booking sites. It is worth checking this site, and the others, before you book with the operating system as sometimes advance fares can be cheaper. However, it does charge a booking fee (normally £1) when you book through the website, so it may not work out as the cheapest fare. The same goes for another third party booking site, RailEasy, where you may be able to pick up in advance.

Although the name doesn't suggest it, the National Express' East Coast system, actually covers the whole of the UK. It has no booking fees and sometimes offers extra discounts if your journey uses its network. Check its low fare finder, for advance deals. Also, its 'special offers' page highlights low cost routes – such as York to Edinburgh for £8.50, standard one-way advance.

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Ryan Air to Charge For Fat People - No More European Stag Do's

Plane2 Yes Ryan Air has explained they are thinking of charging fat people more than thin people to use their filghts. I kid you not. I did think it was 1st April when this was announced but their communications Director came on the radio and explained their position. They are giving it serious consideration! That could put a stop to a large number of stag weekend parties to Europe as the cost will be prohibitive. Also you image all the chants - who eat all the pies, who eat all the pies!!!

Also I imagine that they charge for seats out and back so you could pay 4 times more for your seat abck from for instance a stag weekend in Prague as you would put on 2 stone in weight over the course of the weekend with all the beer and kebabs consumed!

I do think that Ryan Air are very good at generating PR, as proved by the fact we are talking about them, and this is yet another excellent PR exercise on their part to get in the media. It will be interesting to see whther they follow through with these plans. Don't hold your breath!

Experienced Stags

It is a common misconception that your typical stag is under 30 and getting married for the first time. How wrong can you be. With the divorce rate being so high it is becoming more common for people to get married for a second time - hence a second stag night.

With second marriages it usual for one or other of the partners to have children from a previous relationship. It is difficult thinking up new destinations for holidays or short breaks. Here are some ideas:-

1. Family Outdoor Adventure Breaks in Wales

Try climbing, caving, canoeing and gorge walking. Suitable for all the family and an excellent way to tire out the kids so you can get some time to yourselves in the evening. That's assuming you have any energy left after the daytime activity.


2. A trip to Paris

What do you do in Paris with children? Visit the Bois De Boulogne of course. 863 hectares of forest where you can hore bikes, ride ponies, visit the fairground and circus. Disneyland Paris is only 35minutes away by train. A three day pass costs £74 for adults and £57 for kids.

Something for the Kids

Madrid - Keep an eye open for Posh and Becks if you take the kids to Madrid. See 450 waxworks at the Wax MUseum. Under 3's free, adults £5 and children £3.50. Then take an exhilerating ride on the Tornedo inverted roller coaster at Parque de Atteacciones in casa de Campo. For a quieter afternoon explore parque de Retiro, once the playground of the Spanish royalty and a family favourite for its street musicians and performers.See cartoon characters at the Warner bros Movie World where entry costs £22.85 for adults and 317.14 for kids. Check out Caramelos paco, an amazing sweet shop with giant confectionary sculptures.

For more information visit

Kids and what to do with them

Barcelona - The Spanish are a child friendly nation and are happy to let the little rascals stay up late into the warm evenings, welcoming rather than tolerating them. Spain's second city, 2hrs 10 mins by air from London. Go to Barcelona Zoo and see baby Gorillas. There are day camps for children run by the biologists from the zoo's education department. Then visit the 100 year old Parc D'Atraccions theme park. Take the kids to the beach for cheap fun and for a stroll along the Ramblas. Go for dinner at a Tapas Bar to try out Spanish food.

For More Experienced Stags - Amsterdam

Ideas for entertaining the kids for the more experienced stags amongst you with children.

Amsterdam - A great introduction to European travel for children as the city is just 1hr 10mins by air from London. Start with a hands-on Nemo Science Museum tour. Children can dress up as scientits and make liquorice in a lab. Then take them to see the rocks at the diamond museum. The Tropical Museum takes older kids around the world in 80 ways.A canal cruise is a must and the kids will love the water bikes.

Ideas for the Family - Brussels

Only 2 hrs 30mins away from London on Eurostar. Take the kids to Mini Europe, a giant model village. Children under 4ft go free/adults 312.50/Kids over 4ft £6. Then visit the vintage cars at Autoworld at the Parc du Cinquantenaire. Older children will enjoy the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, atribute to Tintin. There are plenty of edible exhibits at belgium's Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.

Experienced Stags 3

For those more experienced stags amoungst you who may have children here are some travel ideas for keeping the kids entertained.


Play at Gladiators in the Colosseum, running all over the ruins and counting the cats. Queues can be very long in summer - phone the day before to book a time slot (about £7). Take a picnic to the Bourghese Gardens and hire family pedal carts. One exit leades you directly out to the Spanish Steps. Don't miss teatro di Pulcinella, an enchanting puppet theatre with shows every day. Pay by donation. Send distinctive postcards from the Vatican and throw pennies into the Trevi Fountain. Follow in the footsteps of the famous Welsh Grand Winning Team of 2005. This is where they won their first match "on the road" in 2005.

Experienced Stags 2

More ideas as to how to entertain the kids


Visit one of Europe's favourite cities.One of the most child friendly cities in Europe and is only 2hrs 20mins from London. Restaurants have high chairs and there are pushchair ramps on the undergraound (under 7's travel free). Take a train ride through Junibacken, a childrens museum dedicated to the Pippi Longstocking stories. Visit Skansen, an openair museum with aquarium and children's zoo. Take the older kids to Vasa, a preserved 17th century wooden warship and to Grona Lund Tivoli, Stockholm's biggest theme park. Go on a boat trip linking the city's islands. A Stockholm a la carte card costs £230 for a family of 4 but entitles you to free travel on all public transport and entry to more than 50 attractions.

Visit and