Stag Weekend in Cardiff Watching Wales v's Finland

Wales_FA Short notice I know but if you're having your stag weekend this weekend then here's a stag activity idea for you. Wales are playing Finland in Cardiff tomorrow and the Welsh F.A. have only sold 20,000 tickets. Kick off is 3pm. So if you want to try something different this weekend for your stag weekend then visit Cardiff. It's City with som much to ofer. Great daytime stag activities such as speed baot rides, quad biking, paintballing, canyoning combined with  a wide choice of stag night options from casions to clubs.

Rugby World Cup 2007

Gareththomas6005f11065fsq5fthumb The Rugby World Cup starts next Friday 7th September with the opening game between the host nation France and Argentina. To be shown live on ITV at 8.10pm by the way. Why not visit Wales during the World Cup as Wales' pool matches are being played in Cardiff. What better way of spending your stag weekend than sampling the unique atmosphere of the matchday in Cardiff. Combine some adventure activities with Call of the Wild (I don't mean drinking) with a visit to Cardiff.

Diving Trips for your stag weekend

5 Fabulous underwater Adventures

1. Crystal Clear waters

In the Turks and Caicos, part of the British west Indies, deep reef walls plunge 1,500m into the abyss.


2. Easy Access

The Red Sea is Britain's favourite diving destination. Would-be divers can complete their pool training and theory exam in the UK and then travel to the area for diving at Sharm el Sheik to complete their scuba training in the warm water surrounded by a dazzling array of multi-cloured fish

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