Stag Parties Top Tips - 4 Reasons Why You May Drink Too Much

Stag party top tips on drinking too muchYou may think binge drinking is just for young bucks just discovering booze, but new research from the CDC finds that one in six U.S. adults are binge drinkers says Mens Health Magazine. (That’s 5 drinks in a night) Why do we tend to drink more than we know we should? Science has some surprising answers.

1.The Media.

The more you’re exposed to images of alcohol in the media, the more likely you are to drink, reports a study published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism.

2.The Suffering Economy.

Researchers from the University of Miami found that the worse off the economy is, the worse your drinking habits become.

3.Your Brain.

Although scientists have assumed this for quite some time, the latest research confirms that drinking releases feel-good chemicals in the “pleasure center” of the brain.

4.The Loud Music.

Cranking up the volume at the bar may actually cause people to drink more, reports a study published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

This is why our stag groups book with us. They realise that by doing exhilerating outdoor adventure activities in the day they aren't going to be tempted to drink too much. They can then pace themselves and just drink during the evening.

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Most Popular Food After a Night Out!

ChipsCall it what you will, beer food or munchies to name but a few phrases but you know what we mean. You've been out and had a few drinks and then at the end of the evening you get that craving for food! Irrational thoughts enter your head and you start thinking about food that would never normally pass your lips and which suddenly becomes the most desirable food you've ever wished to taste.

So we've done a straw poll around around the office and asked what their food of choice would be at the end of a long night and these are the results. You may disagree but the I don't think the results are far wrong as the all the old favourites are featured:-

1. A Curry.

As to which one then views were mixed but the most popualr in the Uk is the Chicken Tikka Misala

2. Kebab

Not to everyone's liking but certainly very popualr with our crowd. The Doner is king. Asked if they'd have one for lunch then the answer from the majority ewas a staright no!

3. Burger

Down to taste or just the convenience and number of outlets selling burgers?

4. Curry and Chips

Good to see a Brit favourite sneak in at 4.

5. A Chinese

Can't go wrong with this choice.

6. Fried Chicken

No favouritism here. There are lots of outlets selling this sort of thing.

7. Anything

Good answer from the not so discerning late night meal customers.

Best Meal Ideas for Your Stag Night

Breakfast meal ideas for your stag night It is well known that the best advice is to drink on a full stomach. However this is all realtive. This maybe will be counter productive if you eat too much with a Big Breakfast at Mario's!

Mario's Cafe in Warren Street, London, do a big breakfast for £10 .

Eat it all in 20 mins with no drink to wash it down with and you get it free.

It's 10 eggs,

10 bacon rashers,

10 sausages,

10 pieces of toast,

5 thick slices of black pudding (congealed pigs blood sausage),

2 fried tomatoes,

1/2 cup of baked beans and

1/2 cup of fried mushrooms.

No Chips.

The breakfast packs in 5,000 calories - nearly twice the recommended daily intake for an average man..

May stick to meusli instead!

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Burning Calories with Outdoor Action On Stag Weekends

IStock_momanbarmaidXSmall If you are piling on the calories this weekend on a stag do through  excessive drinking, eating of kebabs, burgers and other fast food then get some outdoor activities in to burn off some of that unwamted fat. here's an idea of how many calaories you'll burn off taking part in:-

Badminton - 306            Football - 476            Kayaking -340

Cricket - 340                Frisbee - 204            Swimming - 408

Cycling - 544                 Golf - 306                 Tennis - 476     

Fishing - 204                Jogging - 476            Walking -272


Large glass of medium strength dry white wine = 190 calories. Same as two and a half digestive biscuits.

Bottle of medium strength dry white wine = 570 calories. Same as chicken with cashew nuts and egg fried rice.

A bottle of average strength red wine = 644 calories. Same as 14 Jaffa cakes or McDonald’s cheeseburger and medium fries.

Half a bottle of average strength red wine = 313 calories. Same as a Snickers chocolate bar.

Beer & cider

One pint of strong lager = 330 calories. Same as a four ounce fillet steak.

One pint of average strength lager = 200 calories. Same as one packet of crisps.

One pint of premium lager = 250 calories. Same as a small chocolate bar.

One pint of cider = 200 calories. Same as one fried chicken drumstick.


One shot (25ml) of vodka or gin = 55 calories. Same as a 25ml serving of single cream

Large Bailey’s (100ml) = 320 calories. Same as a Snickers Bar.

Let’s not forget that a lot of these drink to food conversions factor in only a single drink. Knowing that it’s not usually just the one that you have when you meet up with friends – we’re talking more like the equivalent of a multi-pack of chocolate bars or crisps in an evening.  

Snack attack

People snack while their drinking to tide them over until they get home. But add the calorie content of a pack of crisps and a beer together and you’re verging on 500 calories - a fifth of the 2500 recommended daily calorie intake for men, and a quarter of a woman’s. A couple of drinks down the line and a takeaway, and you’ve blown that recommended calorie intake out of the water.

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Why Do Hangovers Happen?

Why Do Hangovers Happen?

There are a number of reasons but the main one is that we never learn our lesson. No matter how many times we get drunk and suffer for it the follwoing morning we just go on do it all over gain the enxt time.

Assorted Poisons

Pure ethanol is metabolically fairly clean. If you consider an alcoholic beverage to be water, ethanol, and a bunch of flavourings, then the identity of some of those flavourings is quite frightening. Red wines contain all sorts of interesting chemicals, leading to the complex flavourings typical of the breed, and although many of these impurities - such as arsenic - are poisonous, they are usually present in such minute quantities as to be relatively harmless. However, if the wine is concentrated by distillation, then as well as increasing the alcohol content, you are also concentrating the poisons. This is the reason that brandy, port and cheap red wine can give you the most monstrous hangovers, as well as gout in later life.

It is also for this reason that people are often advised not to 'mix their drinks'. Different styles of drink have different impurities, and some of them can react with one another in interesting ways. Some common aides memoire from English folklore are:-

  • Don't mix the grape and the grain. Keep wine/port/brandy separate from beer/whisky.

  • Beer then wine, I feel fine. Wine then beer, I feel queer.


This is the most well-documented consequence of drinking. In addition to its intoxicating qualities, ethanol also has diuretic3qualities, so you end up expelling more liquid than you drink. It acts on the brain's pituitary gland and blocks production of a hormone called vasopressin, which usually directs the kidneys to reabsorb water that would otherwise end up in the bladder. Once this hormonal signal has been switched off, there is nothing to stop the bladder from filling up with all the water from the fluid that you drink. A supply of water is essential to the continuing functioning of the body, and when various organs find that their normal supply of water has been cut off, they steal it from anywhere they can, including the cells of the brain. Although the brain itself cannot feel pain, when it starts to shrink due to water loss, pain-sensitive filaments connecting the outside membranes to the inside of the skull become stretched, giving the symptoms of a headache.

Free Radical Build-up

In simple terms, the liver's job is to destroy poisons which are present in the body, and when you start drinking it sets to work on destroying the ethanol. However, this process generates destructively reactive chemicals called free radicals. These are usually mopped up by an enzyme called glutathione, but during a binge, reserves can run low, leaving the free radicals to run riot through the liver.

Loss of Salts

Frequent visits to the toilet not only result in the loss of water, but also of the important salts dissolved in it. Potassium and sodium ions in particular are essential for the optimal functioning of nerves and muscles. An imbalance outside a limited range can result in nausea, fatigue, and headaches.

Loss of Sugar

Alcohol attacks the body's store of glycogen, an important energy source kept in the liver, breaking it down to glucose which is then flushed out in the urine. Without this store of energy on call next morning, you are left feeling weak and wobbly.


Methanol is a simpler cousin of ethanol, and is found as a contaminant in cheap red wines, whisky and fruit brandy. This is 'meths', the fuel alcohol that makes you blind if you drink too much of it. The liver attacks it as the poison it is, but one of the break-down products is formic acid, a particularly nasty chemical which ants use to spray at their attackers.

Visit this BBC site for more information

Beer Festival Runs out of Beer for Stags

IStock_drinkingbeerXSmall After extolling the virtues of Cardiff as a  stag weekend destination given the number and quality of events and festivals that take place in the City I am today feeling slightly abashed. This was particularly the case with the weekend just gone , with Oasis playing a gig on Friday and the Welsh Beer and Cider festival running from Thursday to Saturday.

I went along to the Beer Festival on Saturday. It was a nice sunny day so I decided to get there early and make a night of it. Arrived at 6.30pm to see a queue of people many of whom were in discussion with the door staff. It turned out they weren't letting people in as they had almost run out of beer. Can you believe it! A beer festival runs out of beer at 6pm on would have been it's busiest evening - Saturday.

Who arranged this event? We've heard of the phrase "couldn't organise a ....-.. in a brewery" well how appropriate is that for this situation?

Whisky and Water

Climb We have a great new package for you this year called Whisky and Water. Not only do you get to sample some great outdoor activities such as canyoning and quad biking but as if that wasn't enough we'll also take you on a whisky distillery tour. We don't finish there because this isn't an average tour this is actually a masterclass with a free gift, tasting, and sampling included.

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Oceana Club Open in Swansea

Call of the Wild staff enjoyed a night out at The Oceana Club in Swansea recently.  Having been invited to a pre opening event staff were able to have a good look at the club and the different bars within.  The Oceana will be open to the public generally from the end of April and should be a popular destination for stag and hen groups visiting Swansea Having spent a day in the gorge taking part in Canyoning or perhaps out through the forests and trails of the Welsh countryside on the 250cc Quad bikes then a night out on the town goes down nicely.  Canyoning is probably our most popular activity with many groups enjoying the thrill of jumping into swirling pools, shooting down rapids, walking in underneath waterfalls and jumping in off them.  Set in the stunning "Waterfall Country" of South Wales the scenery is magnificent and many people arrange to come back and repeat the activities here. So with a good adrenaline rush during the day why not hit Swansea for the next one!