Stag Party Games

We're always being asked by our stag party groups for ideas to make their stag trip more memorable. So take a look at this great book entitled "Stag Party Games". See the link on the left.

The Stag Party Games book includes an extensive collection of new and updated stag games guaranteeing an unforgettable stag party. So no matter if you are planning a quiet night in with friends or a wild night out on the town we have a game for your stag party.

• Easy-to-play instructions
• Tips & Alternatives for every game
• Games tailored to different stag styles



The Stag and Hen Weekend - New Book Out Now

Stag and hen weekendBooks About Stag and Hen Weekends

Title: The Stag and Hen Weekend

Author: Mike Gayle

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Price: £12.99

The Story

The Stag and Hen Weekend as the name suggests is a book of two halves with his and her stories. The stories begin at each end of the book so you have to turn it upside-down halfway through. Helen has finally agreed to marry Phil after nine years of cohabitating. It's not that she doesn't love him but she was jilted once before by Aiden, who's now a big shot radio and TV presenter.

Phil loves helen deeply and he's been pushing to make their union formal for a very long  time. Now it's finally happening and Helen's off to a posh spa in the Peak District (why not the Brecon Beacons I ask?) with her best friends and Phil's horrible sister Caitlin. Phil, meanwhile, is heading to a reservoir dogs themed stag weekend in Amsterdam.


The Stag Party Handbook 2012: The No. 1 Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Last Night of Freedom

Stag party handbookThe latest version of the Stag party guide for 2012 is published on 31th December 2011priced at £9.99 on Amazon. So if you're arranging stag party for 2012 this is maybe a good read for you.

For more information on arranging stag parties in 2012 visit the Adventure Britain stag parties website.

Recommended Book - The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties

The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties has  Everything You Need to Know About Planning the Groom's Rite of Passage-From Simple to Sinful
by James Oliver Cury

0743232895.02.TZZZZZZZ Most stag parties are flawed in some way -- boring, predictable, uncomfortable, expensive, unstructured. The reason is often bad planning and preparation. The Playboy Guide to Bachelor Parties is a good idea for the Best Man who's arranging a stag weekend, whether he's planning a traditional raunchy booze fest or a more civilized affair of steaks and scotch. Learn what usually goes wrong and why; the who, when, and where of invitations; how much the night will cost; the ins and outs of cigars, booze, and limousines; and last-minute stag party ideas.

There are more options than you think! Activities range from the PG-rated fishing, golfing, canyoning, and quad biking to the R-rated strippers and shot glasses. Do you know how to toast the groom? How to call for a stripper -- and not get scammed? And what to tell your girlfriend the next day? Playboy, in its 50th year of celebrating bachelorhood, knows best.

• Contains complete listings of possible party activities and prices
• Includes complete city guides for hotspots like Las Vegas

New Orleans, Tijuana
• Explains brothel terms and stripper scams
• Saves party planners money and hassles
• Offers a mix-and-match activity chart and to-do checklist
• Loaded with entertaining trivia, quotes, toasts, and classic Playboy cartoons

Although it does have a North American focus it's nevertheless a good read for the Best Man. Obviously if you want to remove the hassle of arranging a stag weekend then visit our website.

Book Review - There's No Elevator to the Top

"There is no elevator to the top" is one of the most insightful books I have read on what it takes to get to the top but not only get there but stay there as an effective leader. It is refreshing that Umesh has not just put his views across but the actual opinions of those who have done it for themselves - real people rather than the normal authors theorising about something they ahve never experienced for themselves the. The powerful real experiences of these indivudals is brought to life by Umesh and is of real benefit to those who aspire to real leadership positions. I found it an easy rerad through a well structured book containg many relevant anecdotes and experiences for people to understand, develop or rediscover their  leadership qualities. Read on>>