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Wacky Retro Tips on the Opposite Sex, Life and Living

51A-Two9VhL__SL160_AA115_ I saw these in the paper yesterday. Apparently there is a glut of retro self-help books being published which are enjoying a resurgence. Brits are snapping up republished lifestyle advice books some dating back to Victorian times. Here are some advcie tips from "Aunt Epp's Guide for Life: From Chastity to Copper Kettles" by Elspeth Marr (1871-1947).


"It is worth remembering that every man is an adulterer, since according to christ, "He that looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already, in his heart." And since the man does not live who has not lusted after a woman, every man is an offednder. the same is not true of you (woman) whom nature has made so much more selective of men." Harsh but true


"In times of singleness, courtship and love, breasts are your weapons of war. While your other charms remain suitably draped and hidden from mens eyes, our bosum, by its shape and contour, is always on show. And though your breasts are not seen, they are in evidence by suggestion. You should take care to increase and encourage that suggestion by all means possible, short of decolletage." No disagreement here.

To Avoid Conception

" If a man ios like a tomcat or the bull you should keep a stale fish beneath the bed on his side. Put it where he cannot discover it. For example loosen the floorboard and plant the fish underneath. the abd smell will take his mind off intercourse."


"As soon as the baby is born tie the unbilical  with a piece of red cord, or strip of red flannel. If it is a boy do not cut the unbilical cord too short , as the old folk said the length left attched determines the length of the penis, and a man is best left too long than to short." Can't argue with that.

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