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Stag Weekend Venues and Dates Through History

William-tell Here's an alternative history for stag weekends, stag nights and parties. You may have your own.

1066 - Stamford Bridge and Hastings very popular for the lads on tour and particularly European  stag groups from Scandinavia and Northern France

1189 - Brits get a bad reputation as they sample hot foreign soil on a jolly for the first time. Its a bit of a crusade in the Med sun. First package travel experienece for stags to Europe and Middle East. Richard's group the first to the Middle East.

1415 - Stag weekends and lads on tour becoming more popular with trips to Europe and particulalrly northern France. One problem here some Welsh lads go mad with strongbow and upset the French.

1543 - Stag Nights really become popularised by Henry Tudor who enjoyed them so much had his sixth stag night in this year. This effectively popularised the now well established tradition of the stag night.

1605 - Stag night prank goes wrong on 5th November  and Houses of Parliament nearly burn down. Total over reaction by the authorities and stag night organiser Guy is hung, drawn and quartered.

1805 - Stag night cruises from Southern Spain became very popular. These were all inclusive and included all food and lodging. Stag activities included shooting canon at French and Spanish sailors.

1815 - Brussels - The Brit lads on tour again this time in Belgium. This did degenerate into a bit of pitched battle with some French lads there at the same time.

1914 - An influx of stag parties to the beer festivals of Germany causes numerous problems resulting in it all kicking off big time!

1945 - Things calmed down from 1918 but then the same thing happened in Poland

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