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Ryan Air to Charge For Fat People - No More European Stag Do's

Plane2 Yes Ryan Air has explained they are thinking of charging fat people more than thin people to use their filghts. I kid you not. I did think it was 1st April when this was announced but their communications Director came on the radio and explained their position. They are giving it serious consideration! That could put a stop to a large number of stag weekend parties to Europe as the cost will be prohibitive. Also you image all the chants - who eat all the pies, who eat all the pies!!!

Also I imagine that they charge for seats out and back so you could pay 4 times more for your seat abck from for instance a stag weekend in Prague as you would put on 2 stone in weight over the course of the weekend with all the beer and kebabs consumed!

I do think that Ryan Air are very good at generating PR, as proved by the fact we are talking about them, and this is yet another excellent PR exercise on their part to get in the media. It will be interesting to see whther they follow through with these plans. Don't hold your breath!