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More Ideas for Stag Night Drinking Games

Stockbeerglass Here are 50 ideas for stag night drinking games. You stag weekend organisers are always looking for inspiration as to what to do with the stag on his stag night whilst also entertaining the rest of the stag group. So here are some great stag drinking games fro you to read through and pick out the best ones. Here are a sample for you to digest.

10. Beer Pot

You need: People and a large pitcher or pot filled with beer

The pot goes around in the circle and everyone takes turns drinking from the pot. Each person can drink as little or as much as (s)he wants. The winner is the one who finishes what’s in the pot and the loser is the one that took a turn immediately before him/her. The loser is out for the next round and play continues. If you’re in a setting where the beers haven’t already been purchased, traditionally, the loser buys the next round of beers. The play continues until there is one single winner.

11. Beer Snap

You need: A deck of cards and 2+ people

Deal the entire deck evenly between each player. Each player keeps all of their cards face down in a pile. Each player then takes turns flipping one card face up and placing it in the center pile. When a card is flipped that has a value that matched the previous card, the players must try to beat everyone else at saying “snap” first. The last person to shout “snap” must drink one shot of beer if the card value is 2 to 6, 2 shots if the card value is 7 to 10 and three shots of beer if the face value is a face card or an ace.

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