Wedding Attire
Think Before you Litter

Speech Nerves

As best man you've arranged the stag night and now your next main task is upon you - the dreaded speech.

Don't worry, with some basic tips you'll get through it and not only that, you will look confident and have them rolling in the aisles (well maybe not that but laughing anyway)

1. Preparation

This is essential. The sooner you prepare the less stresssssssssed you'll feel on the big day. It gives you more time to rehearse and run through your masterpiece. You want to have run through your speech so much you almost memorise it word for word.

2. The Morning of the Wedding

Agree with everyone as early as possible who is speaking when. This avoids any difficult moments for both you and the guests you invite to speak. There is nothing worse than being asked to speak and being unprepared.

3. Before dinner

Think positively. If you think positively then things will go well. Praise yourself on the content of the speech.

4. Just Before you Speak

Make sure you've emptied your bladder. There is nothing worse than standing there crossed legged. This will be an obvious distraction and will put you out of your stride.

5. Don't over indulge on the fruit juice

Don't drink too much. If you need a few to relax then do so but don't go over the top. If you get too drink remember the incident will be brought up by everyone who was at the wedding in future years.

6. Just before you Stand Up

Relax - take deep breaths through your nose. Get the blood flowing, walk about, clench those fists stamp your feet into the floor. Think about breathing rather than nerves.

7. Stand Up

How does it go - You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression - and that is true.  SMILE as you stand up and before you speak. It will make a difference.

8. Voice

Don't rush and but do sound conversational. You'll come across as being more relaxed in that way. Eye contact is important as it makes the speech more personal and the audience feels more involved - ask them questions such as  doesn't ??? look great

9. Hecklers

Don't get involved. Other guests will probably shut them up for you. Just thank them for their comments and move on.

Good luck