Canyoning in Wales

Canyoning Video with Adventure Britain


Here's a video taken by one of our stag party weekend groups on their canyoning activity in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. This is with our Adventure Britain adventure company and this group booked the Full Monty full stag weekend package which includes all activities, accommodation food and transport.


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Stag Party Coasteering Video

Here's a great video of one of our stag parties coasteering on the Gower Peninsula in Swansea, Wales. THis is one of our popular activities and you can see why it works so well with our stag party weekend groups. However it's not for all our groups as it is physically demanding and requires benign weather conditions with a high tide. For more information on our coasteering activity in Wales then click here.

Stag Party Games

We're always being asked by our stag party groups for ideas to make their stag trip more memorable. So take a look at this great book entitled "Stag Party Games". See the link on the left.

The Stag Party Games book includes an extensive collection of new and updated stag games guaranteeing an unforgettable stag party. So no matter if you are planning a quiet night in with friends or a wild night out on the town we have a game for your stag party.

• Easy-to-play instructions
• Tips & Alternatives for every game
• Games tailored to different stag styles



Stag Party Weekend Group Canyoning in Wales

Here's a video of our stag party group a few weeks ago trying  canyoning in the Brecon Beacons. This is a stag party who get a real buzz from white water rafting but without the raft as we descriobe our canyoning activity. Why wouldn't you get a buzz when you're jumping off 30ft waterfalls especially when the stag ahs to go first

It's also a great activity for  corporate team building events.



Call of the Wild's Simon Forzani Swims English Channel Distance of 22 Miles For Charity

Anthony Nolan
One of our team, Simon Forzani is seeking your help. In memory of his son Anthony, who died of Leukaemia aged 10, Simon is going to swim the equivalent distance of the English Channel in a single day in order to raise awareness of the condition and encourage you to either sign up to the  Anthony Nolan Register and/or donate money to this worthy cause. This is Simon's story:-

In 2004 our Son, Grandson and Brother Anthony Forzani died aged 10. This July would be his 21st Birthday and we are looking to celebrate his life as well as raise awareness of issues that still occur today. Anthony had Leukaemia for over four years spending most of this time without moaning or fuss in the Royal Marsden. Unfortunately the traditional treatment  failed so he had to undergo experimental medication which made him very ill and had no effect.

Luckily he had four perfect donor matches but all refused to be his donor, it then took the Anthony Nolan trust almost a year to persuade the eventual donor who was a 50-75% match. This only happened because they were offered to be one of the first stem cell donors in the country which is less painful than the bone marrow route. Unfortunately the match was not good enough and his little body could not take anymore treatment so we had to accept a terminal diagnosis as we couldn't see him suffer anymore. 

We set up this challenge to raise awareness of the plight of families like ourselves and increase the number of people who sign up to the Anthony Nolan register. We want people to realise that ignorance  is killing those who could be saved as he should be here today swimming instead of us. I  will be swimming 32KM myself under the official channel swim rules with my family helping by swimming with me and doing other various fundraising events. 

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